The Matrix range of anatomical breast implants are made with Eurosilicone`s natural cohesive silicone gel with a 360 degree barrier layer that minimises the chance of gel diffusion. The Matrix range is available in a number of different heights and projections, 9 profiles and 102 configurations. The implants are also made with a Cristalline Textured shell.

The Matrix™ by GC Aesthetics® is an anatomical textured breast implant with a firm upper pole and a firmer gel (ParaGel™). Patients can expect trusted results, with retained shape.

Natural cohesive:

  • ParaGel™: highly cohesive silicone gel to give form stability.
  • Higher projection for added lift.
  • ParaGelGard™ 360º Barrier Layer.
  • 7 orientation market dots.
  • Available for all core sizes.
  • Tapered edges for less visibility and palpability.
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