Renuvé RVTE

RenuvéTM RVTE collection has significant advantages2:

  • A unique port base diameter of 28mm for all shapes.
  • Memory-shape injection port prevents escape of sterile physiological saline solution.
  • Metal safety needle stop, built-in to the base of the valve, to avoid puncture until the base of the injection port.
  • The injection port is well away from the expander avoiding any risks of puncture while inflating the expander.
  • Reinforced base of the shell to keep the shape of the expander.
  • Medical stainless steel connector helps the tube length customization for every patient.
  • Radiopaque tubing and injection port for ease of detection on X-ray.
  • The expander exceeds the mechanical ISO standards, which assures its shell integrity resistance.

Main features:

  • Smooth Surface Shell.
  • Available in 5 different configurations:
    Round, Rectangular, Cylindrical Straight, Cylindrical Curved, Croissant.
  • Volumes from 200cc to 1,100cc
  • Supplied Sterile
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